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Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, New Market Veterans

IMG_8924 (2).jpg
Reunion ribbon for VMI (Virginia Military Institute) veterans of the Battle of New Market, 15 May 1864. Missing its badge/pin

Ribbon originated from 2004 auction in Blacksburg, Virginia of the estate of Clara Chrisman Langhorne. Ribbon relieved to…

Letter, 23 January 1861, John Mayo Oliver (1838-1863) to James Risque Hutter (1841-1923)

John Oliver to J R Hutter pages 1 & 4.jpg
A friend of James Risque Hutter, John Mayo Oliver writes to him informing him that he has not been able to write due to school. Hutter’s friend also describes political meetings that some of the Lexington townsfolk had been attending as well as…

"Piece of rope that hung John Brown"

John Brown rope.jpg
8" length of rope with accompanying tag written by James Risque Hutter which states: Piece of the rope that hung John Brown at Charlestown, Va. 1859. Cut by J. Risque Hutter in command of a detachment of Cadets from the Virginia Mil. Institute…

Ambrotype, 1859, 2nd Capt. James Risque Hutter (1841-1923), 1st Capt. W. H. Morgan, 1st Lt. J. H. Morrison

Hutter & VMI Cadets 1859.JPG
Half plate ambrotype of three VMI (Virginia Military Institute) cadets taken in 1859. James Risque Hutter (1841-1923) is seated bottom right. Hutter was class of 1860, later he served as an officer in the 11th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.Written behind…