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Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, New Market Veterans

IMG_8924 (2).jpg
Reunion ribbon for VMI (Virginia Military Institute) veterans of the Battle of New Market, 15 May 1864. Missing its badge/pin

Ribbon originated from 2004 auction in Blacksburg, Virginia of the estate of Clara Chrisman Langhorne. Ribbon relieved to…

Pistol, Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver, belonging to Colonel Maurice Scarsbrooke Langhorne (1823-1908)

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Colt Navy Revolver probably manufactured in 1859 or 1860, and either presented to or purchased by Langhorne while serving as Captain off the Rifle Greys, a prewar Lynchburg militia unit which became Company A, 11th Virginia Infantry at the outset of…


Letter, 22 May 1867, Garland Hill to James Risque Hutter (1841-1923)

Hutter letters 23 October 20200020.jpg
Garland Hill writes to James Risque Hutter to inform him that a Miss Clara is not able to accept his invitation for a ball held at the Norvell House (hotel)..