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Pistol, 1851 Model Navy Colt, belonging to Richard Henry Toler Adams (1839-1900)

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Captain Richard Henry Toler Adams was born in Lynchburg on 6 November 1839. In April, 1861 he enlisted in the Co. G of the 11th Virginia Infantry. In May, 1862, he was made Captain in the signal service and assigned to General A. P. Hill’s Staff. …

Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, Charleston, South Carolina

IMG_8915 (2).jpg
Reunion ribbon from a Confederate Veterans' reunion in Charleston, South Carolina May 1899 belonging to Captain Richard Henry Toler Adams (1839-1900).

Adams was born in Lynchburg on 6 Nov 1839. Merchant in Richmond. Telegraph duty with Porter…

Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, New Market Veterans

IMG_8924 (2).jpg
Reunion ribbon for VMI (Virginia Military Institute) veterans of the Battle of New Market, 15 May 1864. Missing its badge/pin

Ribbon originated from 2004 auction in Blacksburg, Virginia of the estate of Clara Chrisman Langhorne. Ribbon relieved to…

Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, Otey Battery

IMG_8919 (2).jpg
Reunion ribbon for the Otey Battery which served as Company A, 13th Battalion Virginia Light Artillery.

Otey's Battery was formed in March 1862 by Captain George Gaston Otey who was mortally wounded at Lewisburg, WV on 23 May 1862. Lt. David…

Southern Cross of Honor, Arthur Cummings Davis (1848-1927)

Arthur Davis Southern Cross of Honor 1 (2).jpg
Southern Cross of Honor belonging to Arthur Cummings Davis of Virginia

Southern Cross of Honor was a commemorative medal established in 1899 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to honor Confederate Veterans.

Per Virginia Regimental…

Letter, 12 April 1865, James Risque Hutter (1841-1923) to Ferdinand Charles Hutter (1831-1885)

Hutter letters 23 October 20200042.jpg
James Risque Hutter writes to his older brother "Charlie" about General Lee’s surrender and wishes to hear his views on the subject. He shares that a pardon was extended to General Lee and the army, but only to those who had been captured prior to…

Letter, 7 April 1865, M. M. Ferguson to James Risque Hutter (1841-1923)

Hutter letters 23 October 20200003.jpg
M. M. Ferguson writes to James Risque Hutter and discusses the good news of his release as a prisoner of war. She talks about having her photograph taken and promises she will look her prettiest. She advises Hutter to marry as soon as possible,…

Photograph and piece of muffler, General Thomas J. Jackson (1824-1863)

Piece of a silk muffler (scarf) worn by Stonewall Jackson during the winter of 1862-63 attached to a cabinet card photograph of Jackson.

Several of these are extant. They were donated by Anna Jackson (Jackson's wife) as a means to raise funds for…

Photograph, Hunter the Hound, satirical political cartoon

Hunter the Hound - Front.jpg
CDV (carte de viste) format photograph of a southern satirical political cartoon lampooning General David Hunter and his failed attempt to capture Lynchburg.Imprint of T. L. Darnell, Shepardstown, Va.Front reads:Hunter the Hound in terror cries'it's…

Photograph, cabinet card, unidentified soldier of the 11th Virginia Infantry CSA & companion.

Cabinet card photograph of 11th Virginia soldier.jpg
Post Civil War cabinet card copy of an 1861 photograph showing an unidentified member of company B, 11th Virginia Infantry. This company was named the "Southern Guard" and can be identified by the letters "SG" on the solider's cap as well as the…