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Cloisonne Pin, Lynchburg Lions Club, Sandusky House

Sandusky Lions Club pin.jpg
Hard enamel pin created by the Lynchburg chapter of the Lions Club to commemorate the Sandusky house and creation of the Historic Sandusky Foundation who purchased the house in 2002 for restoration.

Donated by Greg Starbuck

Photograph, Sandusky

Sandusky house.jpg
Photograph of the front (south) face of Sandusky taken during the Hutter era, likely 1935-1945. Unknown people on front porch, scaffolding erected on right side of house.

Photograph, Sandusky entry hall

Sandusky entry hall, Hutter era, backmarked Mrs. E Alban Watson Sunset Drive Lynchburg.jpg
Vintage photograph showing the staircase and entry hall of Sandusky. Photograph appeared in The Iron Worker magazine, Summer - 1947 as part of the article "When Hutter's House was Huner's House."Photograph was taken near the end of the Hutter…

Postcard, 20th century, Sandusky

Sandusky postcard front.jpg
Tourist style postcard created by Mitchell's of Chatham, Va. Likely from the Adkinson ownership of Sandusky (1952-2000). The large American boxwoods in front of the house were killed as the result of an ice storm in 1993.. The postcard states…

Photograph, 1927, Sandusky built by Charles Johnson

Sandusky Ruth Early 1927.jpg
Photograph of Sandusky as it appeared in the book Campbell chronicles and family sketches, embracing the history of Campbell county, Virginia, 1782-1926 by R. H. Early.Photograph dates from 1927 or before.

Photograph, 1914, James Risque Hutter (1841-1923) on front portico of Sandusky

JRH, front portico.jpg
Photograph of James Risque Hutter in rocking chair reading on front (south) portico. Brick and shutters have been hand colored. Front door is open showing portion of interior staircase landing.

Vintage enlargement from a smaller photograph…

Photograph, 2016, Sandusky, Lynchburg, Va.

Szabo 2016 1.jpg
Modern tintype photograph of Sandusky taken in 2016 as part of a series of photographs taken by collodion artist and photographer Robert "Bob" Szabo.

The tintype, also known as a melainotype or ferrotype, is a photograph made by creating a direct…

Photograph [facsimile], 1914, Sandusky, Lynchburg, Va.

Sanduksky, 1914.jpg
Photograph showing front of Sandusky. Unknown male leaning out of 2nd floor window. Photo believed to have been taken as part of a series of photographs known to been taken in 1914.

Location of original photograph unknown, image exists in the form…

Photograph, Sandusky house, Hutter era

Sandusky front 2.jpg
Undated photograph showing front (south) face of Sandusky.

Photograph dates prior to 1934 as a storm door had been added to the front door by then.

Photograph, James Risque Hutter (1841-1923) on side portico of Sandusky

J Risque Hutter porch 1914.jpg
Photograph shows James Risque Hutter sitting in rocking chair on side (east) portico of Sandusky. Elements of the Sandusky kitchen and be seen below his feet including a brick wall.

"Col J R Hutter" written in pencil on face of photograph.…