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Portrait, George Christian Hutter (1793-1879)

Hutter Portraits0006.jpg
Oil on Canvas portrait of George Hutter as a young man, circa 1820s -1830s. George Christian Hutter.Artist believed to be early American painter Jacob Eichholtz (1776-1842) operating out of Pennsylvania. Jacob Eichholtz (1776–1842) was an early…

Photograph, James Risque Hutter (1881-1946)

J Risque Hutter Feb 1896.jpg
Cabinet card photograph of James Risque Hutter, Jr. (1881-1946) son of James Risque Hutter (1841-1923). Photograph by noted Lynchburg photographer Adam H. Plecker.Back of photograph is written: J. Risque Hutter, Feby. 1896.James Risque Hutter…

Photograph, James Risque Hutter (1881-1946)

Carte de visite (CDV) photograph of James Risque Hutter, Jr. by noted Lynchburg photographer Adam H. Plecker.Back is writtened: J. Risque Hutter, Jr. 2 year's age.

Photograph, Sandusky parlor, Adkinson era

Sandusky Parlor, Adkinson era, 1976, photo by Aubrey Wiley.jpg
Photograph of the Sandusky parlor dated 1976 during the Adkinson ownership. The antiques and furnishings are not related to earlier eras of Sandusky ownership. Photograph believed to have been taken for a magazine article.

Photograph, Charles Graham Halpine (1829-1868)

Charles Halpine.jpg
Carte de visite (CDV) format photograph of General Charles Graham Halpine. Halpine was an Irish journalist, author, and soldier during the American Civil War. During the war he wrote under the pseudonym Miles O'Reilly.Halpin served on General David…

Pistol, Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver, belonging to Colonel Maurice Scarsbrooke Langhorne (1823-1908)

IMG_8954 (2).JPG
Colt Navy Revolver probably manufactured in 1859 or 1860, and either presented to or purchased by Langhorne while serving as Captain off the Rifle Greys, a prewar Lynchburg militia unit which became Company A, 11th Virginia Infantry at the outset of…


Pistol, 1851 Model Navy Colt, belonging to Richard Henry Toler Adams (1839-1900)

IMG_8963 (1).JPG
Captain Richard Henry Toler Adams was born in Lynchburg on 6 November 1839. In April, 1861 he enlisted in the Co. G of the 11th Virginia Infantry. In May, 1862, he was made Captain in the signal service and assigned to General A. P. Hill’s Staff. …

Receipt for deceased soldier's effects, Lynchburg Quartermaster's Dept.

Receipt for deceased soldiers effects recto.jpg
Blank form entitled, Quartermaster's receipt for deceased soldier's effects, 1864, received from surgeon Thomas
H. Fisher in charge of General Hospital, No. 3, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Blank requisition form, forage for horses, Confederate States Army

C.S.A. Requisiton form.jpg
The blank form was found among a cache of Hutter family letters and documents..