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Pistol, Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver, belonging to Colonel Maurice Scarsbrooke Langhorne (1823-1908)

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Colt Navy Revolver probably manufactured in 1859 or 1860, and either presented to or purchased by Langhorne while serving as Captain off the Rifle Greys, a prewar Lynchburg militia unit which became Company A, 11th Virginia Infantry at the outset of…


Photograph, Marian Stannard Scott Cobbs (1803-1877)

Marian Stannard Scott.jpg
CDV (carte de visite) photograph of Marian Stannard Scott
Daughter of Major Samuel Scott.

Wife of William Cobbs (1792-1852). William purchased Poplar Forest in 1828 and lived there until his death.

Mother of Emily Williams Cobbs Hutter…

Portrait, miniature locket painting of George Christian Hutter (1793-1879) in uniform

George C Hutter locket.jpg
Miniature locket painting of George Christian Hutter as an officer in the 6th United States Infantry. Housed in velvet lined case.

From the book "Record of the Family and Descendants of Colonel Christian Jacob Hutter of Easton, Penn’a –…

Photograph, Portrait of Beverly Roy Scott (1796-1837)

Photograph, portrait of Beverly Roy Scott
Photograph of a portrait painting of Beverly Roy Scott, son of Major Samuel Scott.

Beverly Roy Scott - b. January 11, 1796, d. June 3, 1837. According to Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches by Ruth Hairston Early "He was an officer on board…

Letter, "memorandum of my effects," 28 December 1836, George Christian Hutter (1793-1879) to Harriet James Risque Hutter (1806-1898)

George Hutter to Harriett 28 Dec 1836 (1).jpg
Memorandum written by George Christian Hutter to wife Harriet detailing his possessions , debts, and overall worth. This was written shortly after Hutter of the 6th US Infantry was detailed to leave Jefferson Barracks to go to Florida and actively…

Newspaper Article, James Risque Hutter (1923-1974) Promoted to Supervisory Position

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Newspaper article describing the promotion of James Risque Hutter, oldest son of Ferdinand Lee Hutter (1885-1950)

Hutter was born at Sandusky

Loving Cup, sterling silver weighted, date unknown

A small sterling silver cup with two ornamental handles that is often called a loving cup, owned by the Hutter family. Loving cups are often used in wedding and engagement festivities to represent the unity and joining of two people and families.…

Platter, silver, 1903-1941

This platter was owned by a member of the Sandusky Hutters. It is engraved on the front with an “H” for Hutter. The back hallmark has a lion followed by a W, Co, and then a crown with the letters N S underneath. This is the hallmark of the…

Obituary, J Risque Hutter

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J. Risque Hutter died at age 50 after a short illness and was survived by several family members including his children. His funeral arrangements were handled and it was suggested that people wanting to make memorials do so at the Piedmont Heart…