Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, Charleston, South Carolina

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Ribbon, Confederate Reunion, Charleston, South Carolina


Reunion ribbon from a Confederate Veterans' reunion in Charleston, South Carolina May 1899 belonging to Captain Richard Henry Toler Adams (1839-1900).

Adams was born in Lynchburg on 6 Nov 1839. Merchant in Richmond. Telegraph duty with Porter Alexander. Signal officer on A.P. Hill's staff and inspector general. Served with the Third Corps until Appomattox. Post-War banker and businessman in Lynchburg. Adams died 14 November 1900. Buried plot Sec-AJ Lot-1 Spc-3 Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia

Donated by William McKinnon Massie, Jr.


Historic Sandusky - University of Lynchburg


May 1899


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